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Posted on February 10, 2011 by admin

Last year a promotion that was run by Mecca Bingo that was very popular was that Mecca Moments one. It gave many people a fabulous way to win something that they felt was there perfect moment of all time. A fabulous way for their dreams or wishes to be able to come true and since it was such a huge hit they are bringing it back again for a limited time though this time around.

Just last year they were a bunch of wishes you were able to read from members who posted their Mecca Moment choices. This time around there will be ten people who will be lucky enough to walk away with the prize of 1,000 per day, and all you have to do to qualify is to play bingo each day at Mecca Bingo. The times you should be playing bingo are from 9 at night until 11 at night each night.

Last year’s wishes ranged all over the place from homes that were redecorated, to going on fabulous holidays and even some makeovers for the winners. So make your wish and be ready to play bingo as much as you can because this year you might be one of the lucky people who win their Mecca Moment.

If you love hearing the past stories of last year’s winners, you’re not alone because many of them are just so fabulous. With one of the stories was a young lady from Kent who wanted to have enough money to be able to buy laptops for all of her children. Because well they were sharing just the one and it would take away from her time to play bingo! It was really nice to see her win the 2,000 pounds needed that helped her make that Mecca Moment come true. The best part of the whole story is that she was picked by those other Mecca players who voted for her on the Facebook page. They all loved the story she had and the wish she wanted to make so she won big!

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